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Project Detail

This web design project is particularly attributed to matching the demands of a branding company up-scaling the marketing strategies of African start-ups. The website inadvertently includes a seamless portfolio integration which serves as a case-study of jobs done by the client. The smooth transitions in detail surrounding navigation makes the user experience all the more lively. With a custom hidden menu on the side bar, the website occupies a full-width screen making readability all the more convenient for users and website visitors. Overall, the website passed a score rating of 100 on user interface.

SkillsWeb design
Project ManagerPatrick Ubuane



According to client requirements which involved the clone of a site sample, the site to be cloned was inspected to get the necessary elements and resources that could possibly aid in the build up of a new site.



Next up beyond that was procuring contents from the client and designing the wireframe of the site and deciding where each content would seemingly fit into.


Take Action

Eventually the website build up began with rigorous installation and developing of css and html codes to properly bend the scripts to suit the project. Another interior portion of the site entailed mixing color schemes to successfully make the site appealing. And finally, content upload begun with a stage by stage process until completion.


The major challenge involved in this website build up was the fact that the site had to be cloned from a third party website limiting expression and creativity. Overall, the project was an insightful and successful one.