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TSLNigeria TV

Project Detail

TSLNigeria TV is a digital news platform. Their core value is to bring to you news articles from around the world that can be accessed from one place. The idea is that with TSLNigeria TV there is no need to switch between multiple websites to get news from different countries.  They want a website that can display their daily news on their blog and also their online LIVE Streaming.

SkillsWordpress, SEO, SEM
Project LeadJepthah



Planning stage is analysing the different categories of the website, the layout, style of font and the important details that needs to be showcased on the website. We also discussed with our digital marketing to plan on different marketing strategies that should be implemented on the website such as SEO, SEM, Email newsletter, etc.



After planning stage, we carefully analyzed in details the different component that can be included in the website to enhance the speed, we also analyze different strategies that can be implemented to improve the google ranking of the website.


Take Action

Through different series of planning and analysis, it took us shorter time for implementation. We had to make sure we meet the clients demands and expectation which was clearly met.


There wasn’t much challenges, but it wasn’t an easy job either. We had to make the website look more like a TV than a blog. So we had to create that balance which was quite challenging. But at the end of the day or requirement were met. Thanks to our team of great developers. We are currently building the mobile app for TSLNigeria TV which is a very exciting news.